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Mountains in Clouds

Inner Alchemy is an Isle of Man based limited company, offering our clients the opportunity to obtain ultimate fitness through the Wim Hof Method and Ian Kirk's specialised diet and nutrition progamme. 

About Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy Ltd was founded in 2019 by Ian Kirk. After spending over 6 years researching and exploring the world in search of all types of Natural healing modalities and experiencing them firsthand. Ian acquired a lot of knowledge and realised, people on the Isle of Man would really benefit from his expertise and knowledge. The health and fitness enthusiast began his journey after getting sick with a supposed incurable bowel condition. Ian did not want to be on medication for the rest of his life and decided he would embark on a natural path, eventually healing himself along the way. On his Journey Ian discovered a man by the name of Dr Sebi who claimed he had cured all disease using natural methods. Dr Sebi had a healing village in Honduras. Ian decided he would travel to the village and spend time there so he could experience it for himself. Dr Sebi's Alkaline diet and herbal compounds really helped Ian in on his healing journey while meeting some wonderful people along the way.


As he was already on a journey of learning and self-discovery in the world of natural healing through diet and nutrition, his fountain of knowledge grew when he began to learn the nature of the Wim Hof Method. Ian grew close to the man who set a world record for the fastest half marathon barefoot in the snow above the arctic circle and climbed Mount Everest in shorts. 

In 2017 Ian found himself learning alongside the world-famous "Iceman" Wim Hof during a winter expedition in Poland. Climbing mount Snezka at roughly -20 degrees, only wearing shorts, was a real life changing moment for Ian. This is when his path to becoming a Wim Hof certified instructor began. Ian travelled around the world exploring the Wim Hof method spending time with Wim along the way and witnessing the method change many lives all around the world. Ian discovered it was possible to influence and enhance our innate immune system via simple techniques like breathwork and cold exposure. 

After healing himself from asthma by performing the Wim Hof Method, Ian realised that natural healing was something everyone must experience. Ian lost his faith in the pharmaceutical industry due to several misdiagnoses and increasing health issues. Achieving ultimate fitness himself, he passed on his knowledge to all those searching for another way to health. 


His clients have thanked him for his alternative healing practices, which he will bring to the Isle of Man to exhibit the parallel realm of optimum mental and physical health.

Inner Alchemy Ltd. aims to provide ultimate health and fitness for all through natural remedy processes, changing and enhancing the body's internal chemistry. We proudly offer you this service delivered by the ONLY certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method on the Isle of Man.

This life-changing method suits everyone, from professional athletes to corporate office workers. Inner Alchemy will provide a personal and customised experience for each person aged 13-80+ educating everyone and granting long-lasting health benefits which open up the body and mind. 

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