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Mountains in Clouds

I am truly blessed to be teaching and sharing these life-changing techniques to many others worldwide. I am forever grateful to Big Ste for planting the seed. Ian Kirk

Ian's Story

I've known about Wim Hof since 2007, when he set his world record for the fastest half marathon barefoot in the snow above the arctic circle. It wasn't till 2017 that I learned Wim could influence and control his immune response and was teaching others to do the same. As I was already on a journey of learning and self-discovery into the world of natural healing through diet and nutrition, it blew my mind to discover that it was possible to influence and enhance our innate immune system via simple techniques like breathwork and cold exposure. With a willingness to learn through experience, and a desire to conquer my fears and break perceived limitations, I knew it was time to overcome my fear of the cold. 

A close friend's father planted the seed of interest in my mind about the Wim Hof Method. My friend's father's personal battle with cancer at that time lit up a fire inside of me and gave me the courage I needed to join the Wim Hof Method 2017 winter expedition.

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The experience I had in Poland was life-changing on so many levels. I arrived in Poland as a very reserved and closed-off individual with no confidence; I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if Wim would even be there at all. I left Poland six days later, fearless, with an open heart and an open mind. To my surprise, I got to meet Wim and now consider him a friend. Wim Hof is one of the kindest, most loving and most genuine human beings I have encountered. Wim's energy, confidence, compassion and love for life is contagious. Wim Hof and his method gave me the courage and belief in myself that I was missing. After Wim's advice, I decided to become an instructor to teach others this gift he has created for humanity to be healthy, happy and strong.

Wim Hof has brought his method and techniques to science and isn't just some charlatan or a crazy guy who climbs up mountains in his shorts and swims in freezing cold water. He has proven we can influence our innate immune system at will; when he was injected with endotoxin into his body, the man eradicated it. His method is changing the lives of millions of people worldwide, changing the paradigm of mental health, natural healing, accelerated recovery, sports and fitness, and bringing back stillness and clarity of the mind. The techniques that Wim teaches and the research that he has done through science are changing not only the textbooks but also our perception of what we as human beings are truly capable of.

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